History & Philosophy

Colegio Rex has grown and evolved for the past 12 years, passing many milestones and forging traditions along the way.

Our philosophy is based on leaving behind traditional education and encourages constructivism, meaning students construct new understandings and knowledge through experience and discussions. Becoming a private institution that encourages constructivism, welcomes boys and girls, and is characterized by its creativity and innovation, the promotion of sports, culture, and arts, adequate use of technology, academic freedom, with no religious or political affiliation, that promotes the values of responsibility, loyalty, honesty, wisdom, dignity, respect for others and the environment, peace, etc. Our school rejects violence, authoritarianism, dogmatism, and the categorization of students about the learning outcome or isolated behavior. We teach respect and knowledge of all civilizations worldwide, mainly our roots, customs, and culture.

Fachada proyecto rex chi
Colegio Rex Marina Mazatlán's history timeline
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