Our Goals

Colegio Rex Marina Mazatlán has a strong commitment with the community, and has set five ongoing goals that help shape our strategies:

To generate a compromise with quality in education trough the training of teaching and administrative staff, and the development and implementation of educational services which promote continuous improvement of the school.

To promote the use of new technologies applied to education, based on the newest teaching methods.

To develop social and pro ecological projects with the purpose of educate, raise awareness and help preserve the harmony with our environment, as well as the encouragement of attitudes that facilitate achieving these intentions among all the members of our educative community.

To promote Colegio Rex core values such as equality, respect, tolerance, responsibility, honesty, autonomy, partnership and ownership, and strengthen the students’ own values.

To encourage the students’ healthy development throughout specific programs related to nutrition, art and culture, and sports.

Please find our Annual Education Results Report and Annual Education Plan below:

Colegio Rex combined Annual Education Results Review (AERR) and Annual Education Plan (AEP)

We are always looking for highly qualified educators to join our staff!