After School

What is the After School Program?

It is a program for parents or guardians who need an extended school schedule for their kids. Once their regular school day has finished, students go to the cafeteria and after having lunch, they do their homework with a teacher’s assistance.

Kids are supervised by the nutritionist, the nurse and one of our psychologists.

How much does it cost?

Each program has a different cost, for more information please contact reception desk.

Who can attend the after school program?

All students from Kinder 2 to Grade 9 are eligible to attend. But keep in mind that the coordinator can dictate if a student is not suitable to stay.

Until what time can they stay?

Until 3:00 pm if they are not registered to any activity from the REx Artistic and Sport Center.

Do I have to send lunch?

Not necessarily, students who stay in the program can go to the cafeteria after classes to have a nutritious meal for a low price (See monthly menu here).

To purchase lunch at the school please go to our front desk to place the order and payment.

I'm interested! What do I do now?

To enroll your kid you may contact the program coordinator at for further information.

We are always looking for highly qualified educators to join our staff!